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    Do you feel like you’re never good enough? Is your career unfulfilling? Do you feel stuck or consumed with worries? Or do you desire to counselling from a faith-based perspective? If so:

    ✓ Learn how to love yourself

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    ✓ Live with purpose and meaning

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    About Stephenson Psychology

    Thank you for visiting! My name is Lindsey Stephenson, and I am a Registered Provisional Psychologist. I founded Stephenson Psychology with a desire for helping people become all they can be. I am a CPA and worked 15 years as an accountant, but I found myself increasingly dissatisfied with what I did and feeling there was something more. I decided to make a career change to become a psychologist, following my dream in helping people better their lives, and I have never looked back!

    Having worked in a stressful and demanding career, I am experienced with the pressures of working professionals and how it can take a toll on our lives. I am passionate in helping professionals who feel they are never good enough, find themselves in a unfulfilling career, struggle with low self-worth, are stressed-out, or with Christians seeking a faith-based perspective in therapy.

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    Do you feel like you’re never enough? Discover how you can celebrate your achievements and yourself.

    Career Counselling

    Do you dread going to work, or lack purpose in what you do? Explore if a career change is right for you.

    Faith-Based Therapy

    Do you desire therapy from a Christian perspective? Experience help from Christian viewpoint.

    Depression & Anxiety

    Do you find yourself stuck or consumed with worry? Discover how to live in hope, peace, and rest.

    Discover How I Can Help!

    If you feel you’re never good enough, have lost your passion for life, struggle with low self-worth and worry, or desire counselling from a faith-based perspective, then please reach out today! Please email me with any questions, or find a time to meet with me by clicking the button below.